Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pt. 7 - Unfinished Business on Maui

note: the following blog post was split into 6 installments, and each was posted in roughly 2 day intervals beginning August 1st 2010. your comments are welcome below. Mysteriously, this seventh installment has also surfaced.

Its purpose is to deal with some unfinished business...

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You may remember that in the 4th installment of my Maui trip blog post, as I described my reticence to get and and play the newlyweds a song, I wrote the following:

.....It's at this moment that the exact low point of the trip comes for me. I'm sitting here with my folded-up body language, nervous, not knowing what to say. Saraswati and Raghu pass by, saying their hellos to all, and mention that their friend is going to serenade them with her guitar, and if anyone else would like to play…

OPPORTUNITY! Deep down, I know I could create a magical moment, really give Saraswati and Raghu a serious present. I know it, but do I believe it? Also - let's face it - it could also be my instant ticket out of nowhere-land. This was the instant 'get-out-of-beating-free' card when I was 12. The friend gets up. There's two false starts, which she blames on the surf/noise distractions. I can't think straight. I'm not paying attention.

I start to think about a couple of songs I could do. I'd have to sing - too noisey in this environment for solo guitar. Hmmm. The first song that comes to mind is "Little Wing". Perfect description of Saraswati. Yet it's a little high for me, but only about a half step. "What if my voice cracks?", I think. "Is there a guitar pick? I could tune the guitar down"…but I'll need it at concert pitch for the second thing I think of (an obscure but quaint little Duane Allman song called "Please Be With Me…"). "It's low, could I make myself heard?"

"I haven't practiced singing in weeks!"

I'm frozen, completely up in my head watching this moment pass by in slow motion like a car crash - and then the opportunity dissipates without being seized…people start eating - some wander about…the moment is lost…


Well, as the weeks have passed I have been thinking about this unfinished business, and I decided, with some very supportive people who have helped me with my timidity, that it would be good to offer those 2 songs here, in a video recorded in the living room of my NYC loft.

A far way from Maui...

...and not exactly the same as a live performance, but maybe a keepsake, a show of love, and some movement forward...

Try to act surprised, Saraswati:

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