Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I can't sleep....

5:51 looks as though I'm not going to make it back to dreamland. It could be considered a blessing since I dreamt the other night that I was stuck in an elevator that kept stopping in between floors... with Barbara Bush.

Parse that one for me!@#$

Of course, the elevator stopping between floors is not unheard of in this building, but c'mon...

Sleep? I can't stop thinking about everything I have to do. I really, really have a lot to worry about right now. My finances, my building's finances, various paperwork, phone calls, errands. I almost never get to my own paper work because of my building's stuff. Did I mention I still haven't filed my sales tax due on March 20th? The penalty will be
10x what I owe in tax!

I'm not getting up yet (laptop in bed) b/c a certain little dog is going to expect a sojourn as soon as my feet hit the floor.

Try ignoring this:

Loft board filings, 2007 financials, payroll taxes, rent rolls, payables...Ay yi, yi, yi

I have to get to the Post office today.

Did I mention I have music projects?  I spent all day doing finishing touches to the film I'm writing for, which was great.  However, after a day of ignoring the errands and paperwork, it feels as though I'm in hot water with them.  I want to try and ignore this other stuff one more day.

I also have a session with my good friend Michael Lydon today.  I'm looking forward to that.

I think of other around the world and across town that are suffering and count my blessings...


This really is not working out quite like I'd hoped!@#$

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