Sunday, May 18, 2008

The lost weekend...

Ah the MacIntyre Building...where so many of my hours go to die.

I just spent pretty much the entire weekend doing paperwork and bookkeeping for the building.

Writing checks-entering bills-dealing with tax matters-2007 financials-insurance app-meeting with designer--all weekend. Saturday morning until just now.

Now tomorrow I'll have to go make a bank deposit, call the electrician and hope that the loft board matter we're waiting out doesn't turn into a much bigger conflagration then it already is.

BTW, I heard these sounds coming out of someone's house today. I can't remember exactly what it was, but it almost sounded as though the sound had been "organized", if you will. Perhaps in an "artistic" way, if you will. I found myself humming along with this "organized, artistic"...

Wait a minute...that might have been music!!! I used to write that stuff!

Now if someone could just remind me who all these people with the strange curves, long hair and high voices are.....

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