Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last little bit of...

Strange Girls orchestral recording was completed yesterday by my buddy and expert clarinetist Tom Piercy. He's a busy guy, so getting him in for this miniscule touch up was tough.

Tom and I have known each other since college, where he was one of the standouts. He did the vocal lead in college of a performance of Eight Songs for a Mad King that people are still talking about! I remember that he scared the hell out of some kid sitting in the front row who started crying. Priceless!

Hey, I hope that kid is alright. Oh well, he's probably forty...his therapist will have to thank Tom...or at least give him a commission...

Back to yesterday - I had written something really hard, but then Tom realized it was easier on an A clarinet (rather than a Bb) so we redid the passage on the A instrument. Tom was in working on a song for Michael Lydon (the self proclaimed 'handsomest man in the world'...I can't argue that...). In the end Michael was very happy, which was great because Tom was my recommendation.

Now all I have to do is do the final mix of the last 4 or so minutes of SG.

I also have a couple of songs to revisit.

In addition, I can't get my printer to communicate with my airport extreme. That's taken a number of hours by now!

Now will you two just make and and play nice?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing your score!! I had no idea the little bit Tom added was the final bit!! It's a magnificent score, totally movie music but a lot more, real music!

Tom did a great job on my song, what rich warm tone!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the wrap!